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american health and beauty presents dr. sanjay grover on the dermasweep

American Healthy and Beauty interviews Dr. Sanjay Grover, plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, CA on the DermaSweep skin rejuvenation system.  

The DermaSweep microdermabrasion device helps to improve skin's appearance and reduce your wrinkles and sun damage without lasers or surgery. Particle free and affordable, these treatments can help you have your best skin ever.  "The nice thing about the DermaSweep is that it is a particle free microdermabrasion type of system without using any crystals and it’s a very nice treatment that’s done in the office performed by my aesthetician along with infusions," says Newport Beach medical spa owner and plastic surgeon Dr. Sanjay Grover. "The patients come out just feeling very nice. It's a nice superficial treatment. It can be done deeply at different settings or in my setting at the office. We do it superficially and they just love it and patients will come in every couple of weeks and have a treatment."

Dr. Grover has used this device in his office for about six months and says that both he and his patients have been very pleased with the results. The system can be used on any skin type and just about any patient who has fine lines or sun damage they'd like to correct. "I think anybody who's between 20 and 80 would benefit from a DermaSweep treatment. In fact, I need to get started on it. It's nice to have an exfoliation of the dead skin cells and to do a nice infusion, and it's nice to do that regularly at least once or twice a month." He does caution though that some patients may not be candidates. "Possibly someone with very very sensitive skin may have some difficulty with it, but so far we have been able to treat almost everybody - all skin types."

"It's rejuvenating your skin, it's giving you a more of a glow, it's getting rid of the dead cells, it's turning them over. You're simulating the blood flow and circulation and then the infusion is just improving the collagen remodeling of your skin," says Dr. Grover. The treatment can go deeper, for more dramatic results, but you can expect more downtime, and may need to go out of the office to an operating room for pain management.  One key advantage to the treatment that patients love is the procedure is recovery free. "There’s no downtime. You might have a little glow to your face for a couple of hours but really the next day you look wonderful."

He says patients return every 2 weeks for treatments, and may see further improvement with future sessions. "You can do it every two weeks – that's what's recommended. We try to have patients do about 5 or 6 treatments at a time and what we're finding - we've had the device now for 5 or 6 months - that there are patients who just keep doing it, and their skin gets better and better."

The treatments are inexpensive at only $175-$225, depending on what other procedures you might add with it. "We're incorporating it with many of our laser treatments. We have a number of our patients that undergo a series of treatments which include intense pulse light, Refirme or radio frequency devices for skin tightening and also for wrinkle treatments. We're incorporating that in having patients undergo DermaSweep treatments sometimes right before and sometimes in between the treatments."

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