Sunday, February 21, 2010

how well will you age?

How well  with you age?  Is there more to looking young than just vanity? There was a study done on twins and the twins that looked younger ended up outliving their twin!!  So, now taking care of your skin and wanting to look younger is more than just for vanity reasons!!  Plus, if we are going to live longer, why not look younger too?

Click on the link to read more and to take a skin age test to see where you line up  I took the test and my skin age results were 28 years old, not bad for my real age of must be the 85 DermaSweep skin rejuvenation treatments I've had!!

If you don't like the results of your skin age test, then make some changes!!  If you smoke, stop smoking ASAP!!  Are you wearing sunscreen on a regular basis?  If not start today!!  Smoking and sun exposure are the two main things that cause premature aging.   Along with not smoking and using sunscreen, be sure to take your vitamins and minerals, eat a well balanced diet and drink plenty of water.  

In addition to this, be sure to use medical or pharmaceutical grade skin care products and get professional treatments like DermaSweep to exfoliate the dead skin that builds up as we age.  The DermaSweep is an innovative particle-free skin resurfacing system that uses bristles, vacuum and infusions for total skin rejuvenation.  Go to to find out where to can get a treatment by a trained skin care professional.  Combine a healthy lifestyle and a good skin care routine/habits for the best results, and you may even be lucky enough to turn back the clock!

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